Together, Let's Beautify Your Space

Your fabulous photos are ready, you look amazing, and your magical moments are captured for eternity. But now what? You can't just leave them on your hard drive to go unseen by the rest of the world. Sure, you'll post them to Facebook and Instagram (tagging your talented photographer, of course) and tell all your friends how excited you are about how they turned out. But then they'll get lost on your hard drive (or USB) and forgotten about. How sad!

I have so many better ideas of what to do with your photos. You took all that time to plan and prepare and look your absolute best. You need to be reminded of that beautiful moment daily. Your family needs to gaze upon your radiant face even when you aren't there. You need wall art and albums and other cool keepsakes to get your photos off your computer and into existence. Here are a few ways you can do that!


For starters, good old-fashioned prints (4x6s, 8x10s, wallets) are a possibility. You can still have your pictures printed like everyone had to do before digital existed. Prints make great gifts, can be framed, and fit nicely into an album or scrapbook. Starting at $8.75 for a 4x6

Wall Art

One way you can decorate the walls of your house is with framed prints (as mentioned above). It's a classic look that many of us grew up with. I know my mom had our annual Christmas picture over the fireplace and our graduation and communion pictures adorning the other walls of the living room. Frames can hang on walls and also sit on shelves and tabletops. (And they come in a lot of different finishes and colors.)

But today, wall art has been taken to new heights.

  • Canvas wall art is extremely popular and has been for several years. Your personal photos can now look like a work of art previously only created by painters.
  • Your photos can also be printed on wood. These works of art are soft and subtle. They offer an entirely different look and feel for your portraits.
  • Finally, your photos can take a more dramatic look and be printed on metal. Metal prints are bold, bright, and edgy.

The coolest part about wall art is that it can all be mixed and match--framed art paired with metal prints, canvases with wooden portraits. And even cooler, I can help you design your wall. All it takes it a snapshot of your blank wall and then some imagination.

Wall art is available in a variety of sizes; prices start at $145 for an 8x8 canvas, metal, or wood print. Framed wall art is also available.


Holiday cards, thank you cards, graduation announcements--you name it. You can create your own unique cards with just a few clicks. After your session, you'll receive a link with all the images from your session and tons of card templates you can embellish, tweak, and make all your own.

Custom cards start at $87 for a set of 25.

Unique Creations

Accordion Mini Albums

Accordion Mini Albums are super fun wallet-sized albums that can be carried around in your purse, displayed on a shelf, or stuck to your refrigerator (they are magnetic). They hold up to 14 images laid out in a unique design made just for your style. They come in sets of three, so you can keep one and give two away to your loved ones for gifts or mementos.

Accordion albums start at $155 for a set of three identical books.

Image Cubes

Image Cubes have six customize-able sides for pictures, text, and even graphics. Pair several together to create something cool--one for each of your children's first birthday or treat like alphabet blocks from your childhood and stack together.

Cubes are available in two sizes (4x4 and 6x6) starting at $100.

Photo Ornaments

Photo Ornaments are a beautiful keepsake you can hang on your Christmas tree, gift to you family and friends, or display anywhere you can imagine. Ornaments are both wooden and metal and can feature a family portrait, special event photo, or senior portrait--whatever you want to commemorate.

Ornaments are available in a variety of shapes in either metal or wood material, starting at $50.

Albums & Image Boxes

What a better way to share your story than in a real-life storybook! Albums and image boxes are wonderful keepsakes to pull out and show your friends, to reminisce with your family years later, and to just leave on a coffee table as a conversation starter.

Albums are completely customizable with original layouts on each page and personalized photo covers. They are available in three sizes (8x8, 10x10 or 12x12) and a variety of colored leathers and fabric.

Image boxes are solid wood and come with an image imprinted on the top. Inside are 25 mounted 5x7s of your favorite images as well as a display stand to showcase one photo at a time.

Image boxes are $450 and storybook albums start at $380 for at 8x8 coffee table book.