A New Reality

The past months have been confusing and unsettling. I've spent a lot of time lost in thought. But through the solitude, they've also made me realize just how important it is to capture the moment. That's why I'm so excited to see Maryland moving onto the road to recovery and I can start shooting again!

Of course, sessions are going to look a little different for a while but that doesn't mean they'll be any less fun or personal. You'll still get the care and attention you deserve--and some awesome pictures to look back on.

But things do have to follow a few new rules for the time-being, so here are the things I'll be doing to keep you safe and how sessions will look a little differently.

The Ground Rules

  • Locations--All sessions will be held outdoors in a natural setting of your choice whether that's at your home or a local park.
  • Participant limits--Sessions will have no more than 9 people in attendance (outside of myself) to adhere to local government ordnance.
  • Social distancing--I'll be sure to maintain a 6-foot distance at all times and provide posing direction verbally without making physical contact.
  • Masks--I'll have mine on the entire time. You will not need one during your session, but I encourage you to wear one before we begin or when not being photographed.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes--I'll have plenty on hand for all of us to use as needed.
  • Props--For the time being, I will not be bringing props, blankets, or other objects to use doing your session. You are welcome to bring any props you would like to use and I will verbally help you arrange them.
  • Payment--You are welcome to pay for your session the day of your session via PayPal or Stripe rather than paying check or cash.
  • Forms--I will email you the information form and model release prior to the session so no paper needs to exchange hands. And other materials, such as price lists, will also be sent digitally.
  • Rescheduling--If you or anyone in your party is showing symptoms on the day of your session or has been exposed to someone with symptoms within 14 days of your session, you can reschedule up to an hour before the session begins.

Personal Precautions

While I have been working my day job every day since stay-at-home orders went into effect mid-March, I have been staying at home with my family. I have only left the house to go to the grocery store once a week and pick up the occasional curbside pick-up meal. Any time I have left the house, I have been wearing a mask and immediately using hand sanitizer and wiping down everything I touched whether in my car or home.

Your health and safety is a priority for me as is doing my part within the community to keep as many people safe as possible. I hope to see you soon.