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About Paisley Photography

Started to fuel a passion, Paisley Photography was born in 2006 after a few early years dabbling in engagement portraits and honing my photography skills. Struggling for a name that would sustain and leave room for unpredictable opportunities, Paisley seemed appropriate because it held a nostalgia to it. (Short version: I was in a sorority in college. We have family lines. Mine was known as the paisley family. That version doesn’t sound as memorable without all the stories and laughter, joy, sorrow thrown in—sorry.)  

Nostalgia is what Paisley Photography is all about—capturing moments and memories that evoke deep emotions. Every portrait session, wedding, and event tells a story meant to withstand time. 

Moments pass quickly in life and the easiest way to hold on to them is through pictures. Whether it’s a wedding or just an annual family holiday portrait session, those memories only happen once and should be looked back on fondly. That’s why I do what I do every day: to tell the story of your life through pictures.

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