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About Heather Travaglini

I’ve always loved photographs. Looking through my grandmother’s family albums was always the highlight of my visit to my grandparents’ house. Those photos were my inspiration to document every detail of my life and of those around me. These days, I’m a storyteller—at work and at home.


By day, I’m a marketing copywriter: I get to write stories all day!! Nonfiction ones but those are the best in some ways because they are real. You can’t make up the real stuff; it’s the most interesting. (I’m putting my bachelor’s degree in journalism to good work.)


By night (aka at home), I’m a mom of two beautiful girls. I tell a lot of stories—mostly the fictitious kind about princesses and diva superstars. OK, maybe they aren’t all made up; I do have a few stories to tell but I add a few embellishments. 


I also write stories about my life, but not with words—with pictures. They are my preferred media and my true love (don’t tell my husband or kids). Come see the walls of my house and the shelves of albums and scrapbooks in my home office sometime; you might be amazed that, yes, I still print pictures out and display and archive them! 


All this photo love led me to pursue this passion more formally after I graduated from the University of Maryland (Go Terps!) and landed me on the doorstep of the Washington School of Photography. I learned a lot there shooting with a film SLR, developing black and white negatives, and exploring a variety of cameras and lighting. That training made me the photographer I am, and is probably why I’m a little old-school. It's true, I believe that deep down we all want the smiling posed picture to hang on the wall, BUT I also feel that the candid, true-to-life moments are what we really want to remember. So when you work with me, you get a little bit of both—traditional and photojournalistic. You can make mom happy and yourself, too.

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