Welcome to Paisley Photography

​Moments pass quickly in life, and photographs allow for time to stand still. Whether it’s a wedding or your 40th birthday, your high school graduation or your annual family holiday portrait session, those moments only happen once and should be captured for posterity--and looked back on fondly. That’s why I do what I do every day: I tell the story of your life--the joy, the sorrow, the indescribable emotions, the little moments that make you feel beautiful, the special occasions you never want to forget. Every portrait session, wedding, and event tells a story meant to withstand time and live on for eternity--to let you always "remember when."

What memories are you making?

Why Paisley Photography?

I’ve been in your shoes—as a bride, as a mom, as a high school senior, as a kid. I get the emotions and all the moving parts that go into coordinating a big event and even a family portrait session (the clothes, the hair, the personalities). I’m going to help you navigate the nerves and the insecurities that come out when you are in front of the camera and make your photo shoot an enjoyable-- and, dare I say, fun--experience. 

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